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 I have three children and while who is on my mind right now is my little super guy I cant imagine a whole entry on him without also talking about his siblings. So more introductions for you. Hooray!

My wandering giant is the eldest. He's 15 right now (2017) and lives with his dad in Nebraska. I met my wandering giant when he was 4 years old and i knew he was mine immediately. I adopted him just before kindergarten during my brief marriage. His bio mom, whom he still sees from time to time, was allowing him to be sexually abused in her home. To this day she denies that it happened which really hurts my son but he wants a relationship with her anyway. He's got a lot of me in him with a fondness for what he calls debating but what we all know is only organized enough to be arguing.  I could fill a page with just him but I really just want to intro now so i can write about breastfeeding *lol* i imagine his online name will change as he comes into an identity of his own definition.

My middle child the mother of dragons is currently 20 months old. Biologically she belongs to Honey and my sadist. Upon her birth she was the happiest baby in existence and she stayed that way until she started to discover other emotions around 1 year old. Now she is kind of emo as she starts to integrate the responsibility of getting older (at this age really just learning to mind) and being a big sister. My dragon girl is awesome and amazing and i will likely spend a long time talking about her too.

My tiny little super guy is biologically mine and the sadist's child. He's been grumpy since he was born though my dragon girl has taught him a little about being happy too. He is 90 percent charm ten percent asshole (as grumpy babies tend to be)  soo many things i want to write about the guy but not in this post.


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