Sep. 14th, 2017

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 "So he's married now... three kids. Is his wife okay?... she's probably okay it's not like he beat me.  There's so many things wrong with me that's probably why he hurt me, he probably doesn't even know he did."  Stop that .."but is she okay?"

"He's a fucking minister?!?! How is that a thing Mr. Alistor Crowley? ... sociopaths can be anyone they wanna be i guess. Does he still do drugs? Have kinky sex? *blush* there was some really good sex... *reads posts* but he's like a sane  religious leader.. like I'd be if i went that way... maybe he's been normal this whole time and it's all just in my head you know i have a problem with perceptions... "stop, " but why does he get to be normal when i have to fight for every peaceful moment"

"Does he think of me? Does he get sad and repent the terrible things he's done? Does he flip it and think of me as his psycho x? Is he greatful i finally was able to delete his number and let go? Is he sad i escaped? Does he know I'll never really escape? Does he ever miss me???"


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